June opening

I have had an opening for June 18th come available so if you were wanting a session this month please let me know.  I do have a few July spots open as well, so shoot me a note to get on the calendar if you’re looking for a summer session.

Also, if you received my client newsletter and were interested in taking advantage of the digital negative promotion please send me a note – I have extended the offer because (as I expected) I wasn’t able to keep up with everyone as quickly as I had hoped.  As of Sunday our house was officially on the market and we have started the process of building so it’s  craziness here.  I am doing my best to stay on top of emails and voicemails but if you ever contact me and don’t hear back please contact me again – my website contact pages have been acting flakey and I hate to think of anyone being ignored!

Mini sessions are being planned for July so watch the blog for updates soon.  They will be offered to past clients first and then opened to the public and usually fill up in a day or two so please be checking in.

And just because it’s boring without, a beautiful baby to share!  More of her peek soon…



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