Sneak Peek! | Newborn Twins in Raleigh

If just one baby isn’t enough to get you all gooey inside, how about two?!  These precious bundles made their appearence early and spent six weeks hanging out in the NICU so by the time I got my hands on them they were still small in size but very much alert and ready to party.  Their personalities could not have been more different, one still wanting to curl and one wanting to lay as flat and stretched out as possible.  When I laid them next to each other one always wanted to be on top.  And when they both made their little newborn sounds in unison, it was truly too cute to handle!  So let me introduce the very sweet brother and sister!






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  1. Wow! Two babies are even more than twice as sweet. Very touching depiction of the sibling bond.

  2. As another mommy of twins ~ CONGRATULATIONS on your blessings, and to have a boy and a girl (like me!!) is an awesome treat!! I look forward to updates!

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