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Awesomeness | 30×40 Canvas and Coffee Table Book for White Dahlia

Just had to share this little beauty, a gorgeous, stunning, fantabulous 30×40 fine art canvas for the owners of White Dahlia Spa in Raleigh.  I snapped this before delivering it so it’s wrapped in plastic and cardboard but every time I get my hands on a client’s new art I have a small moment where I consider finding a way to keep it for myself.  You will just not be disappointed with one of these, what better art to display than your own amazing family?  To the right is a coffee table book, while smaller, not really any less fantabulous.


The canvas will be hanging in the family’s home so I am afraid you can’t visit it in person but you can grab a peek at the coffee table book which is displayed at White Dahlia.  So next time you’re getting your relaxation on (seriously, we don’t do this enough, you leave feeling like a new person!) take a gander through this and one other display book!


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