But what do I wear for family portraits??

I think most people stress just a little about what to wear for their session (even thought I tell you not to!).  I am working with some other photographers to try and put together outfit ideas weekly to give you inspiration for your session starting this week with what to wear for family portraits.  You do not need to match.  Let me repeat, you do NOT need to match!  Unless you are those people that do walk around matching on a daily basis, try to coordinate your families outfits but please do not all wear the same navy polo shirts and khakis.  Just consider it a personal favor to me 😉  Choose colors that are flattering to your skin tones and clothing that isn’t tight (especially around the mid section) and isn’t too low cut.  Gap is featured this week and I will probably feature them a good bit.  One of my favorite places for kids and adults, and reasonably priced as well.  When you book your session I will give you a long list of stores to shop from and more specific clothing information.  Just be yourself, don’t be afraid of color and remember layering and accessories can make a big impact on little people and big!



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