Chatter, Availability and Luxecetera

Well we survived the weekend (and had a wonderful time) but a crazy weekend like that usually has a price and in my case it is a very, very sick little boy.  Fingers, toes and earlobes crossed that now one else gets his bug.  He is rarely ever sick so when it hits him it hits hard so I am dividing my time today between work and cuddling.  And antibacterializing.

So the scheduling update is that May is (over) booked so unless something changes and a date opens I will be finishing up June’s calendar next.  There are about 4 dates remaining at last check.  Let me know if you are needing a date!

And another little side note for the photographers reading – Lisa Reichman (who does all of the fab graphic design for my site) has joined up with up with two other amazing graphic artists (Eva Talley & Ashley Jankowski) to create a design powerhouse Luxecetera.  After many months of blood, sweat and tears their site went live this weekend and you’re going to flip out at all the photographer’s candy there is to pour through.  So go take a look!  www.luxecetera.com And keep an eye out here for something big and new soon…….


  1. Your poor sweet munchkin. Hugs and prayers that he’ll be better soon. As another Luxecetera lover (Eva Talley is my go-to girl) I’m so excited for them!

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