Sneak peek! | Cute little model in Raleigh

It’s 9:45 pm and I am wrapping two marathon work weeks with bleary eyes and sore feet but a big smile!  I have crashed into bed so tired I can’t think most nights this week and last, my kids miss me and my house is filthy so I will not be online this weekend and will reply to messages on Monday.  Just in case you’re worrying that I will be getting too much rest, no need to be concerned.  This weekend includes an out of town family visit, my kids’ combined birthday party extravaganza, a marathon at my son’s school, a soccer game, a Durham Bulls game, and delivery of our summer entertainment – a boat!  And this is just Saturday. I can’t even consider Sunday yet, one day at a time 🙂 The last two weeks have just been fabulous enjoying the weather and shooting 1-2 sessions most days so I will have many peeks to share soon. Today was the Career Day event at NCRA and we just could not have had a better time.  I hope to hear from some of those students in the future, you all know that I am always able and willing to help in any way you need.  Thank you to everyone that shares their children with me, I truly have a blast!

So, back to the shadowing session; I sent out a client newsletter about a month ago and offered up this mini session.  I was hoping for at least one available family or I could end up shooting flowers and bugs with the girls but instead of a few replies I ended up with a TON, over 60 interested and available parties!  Soooo, we set about the very high tech method of selecting that involved my 6 year old home on spring break, a pen and scissors.  In the end my son was entertained for at least a solid hour and a name was chosen and it’s a face you have seen on this blog before several times before.   We met at WRAL gardens to soak up the pink and she handled having an audience quite well…in fact I think she enjoyed it!  And it was Mom’s birthday so it was just a great day all around.  Thanks for coming out!  (And if you did not receive the newsletter but would like to, send me a note!)





  1. That last image is so sweet and tender, I adore it so much. The second one needs to be on a wall somewhere, her Mom is going to flip when she sees these!

  2. We would love to be included in your client newsletter mailing list. We’re heading towards getting Kellen his new “big guy” drum set, and I’m thinking it would be really great to take it somewhere urban for a session with him – maybe late summer.

  3. She is just too cute, Season. What an adorable smile and she obviously didn’t mind that audience at all. A star in the making for sure! I bet the second one would make a great canvas for her room.

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