Photographer for a day | Wake County Students

One of the perks of this job is getting to share my love of photography with students.  I just found out that two of the students from Bethesda Christian Academy in Durham that I mentored at the beginning of this school year placed in a national photo contest for yearbooks staff (one of them placed 1st!) and I hope to have their winning photos to share here soon.  I will be speaking at North Raleigh Christian Acadamy’s career day this Thursday and last week I had a few Wake County students job shadow me for day.  The girls shadowed me as I chased a 2 year old around a park – I figured no better way to get them started with what I do then a 2 year old!  Granted, she’s a doll and sweet as can be (photos of our model coming soon) but it’s a bit different than working with older children or adults.  We shot for about an hour and then went over a bit of the business end (most people don’t realize that taking photographs is one of the smallest bits of this job!) and what happens after the session is over.  I love what I do but I also take it very seriously.  It makes me excited to see kids interested in photography as a potential career and I want to see them do it the right way.  Studying photography, fully understanding the technical aspects of what makes a great portrait before jumping into a business and also understanding the reality of running a business and the time and costs involved.  These days it seems that the only thing you need to be in business is a camera and a website and it hurts my heart!

But hey, that is a bit of a tangent!  Back to the students, who of course did not want to be photographed ( I mean come on, what about me might lead you to belive that I am NOT going to take your photo?!) but obliged for one quick shot before we left for the day.  Very sweet girls that will be moving on to high school next year and I wish you all the best!







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