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Sneak Peek! | Brother and Sister at Duke Gardens

The weather made a turn for the better and I have been using every second of it to get caught up on all the reschedules from earlier in the month.  I apologize if my replies to emails and voicemails are a little slower than usual.  The last May spots are in the process of booking now so I will be filling June’s remaining spots next.  It’s just a great time to be outside in North Carolina!

Back to the peek – these kids were just truly gorgeous little people.  We were out on that day last week that seemed like it would be warm and great until the 25 mph winds kicked up chilling us all to the bone and pounding us with face fulls of pollen and dirt.  So it wasn’t the most ideal day, but we stuck with it and the end result is just perfect.  They didn’t complain (yes, the grown ups did) and just smiled and played and kept high spirits the entire time.  I am so glad I was able to spend the morning with this amazing family!









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