Almost 5 year old I know and love | North Raleigh Photography

So this is a little girl I know well and love very much 🙂  She is about to be 5 whole years old.  Five is an age I don’t alway see very often for sessions but it a huge age to capture.  This is just before they start “real” school, start losing those sweet baby teeth and the last bit of baby chub on the cheeks.  It’s the end of toddlerhood (ok, I just got myself teary eyed).  I love working with this age.







  1. These are absolutely DARLING! My son is working through the 2nd half of his “5s” and I have to say this is the best age for them to be!

  2. Sooo adorable, that face is a little ray of sunshine (I can see why you’re teary-eyed about real school!)

  3. Season, she is absolutely beautiful! And I agree – some of my favorite portraits are those I took of my (now 9) year old when he was 5. It’s like the last age where they’re “little.” Before they turn into school-age kiddos. It’s such an important age!

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