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A new year, a sale!

Welcome to 2009!  This holiday has just been so amazing – after many, many days of long hours to have time to just relax and love on my family was what I needed.  I feel completely ready to tackle a new year with all the big things to come for Season Moore Photography.  I love this feeling of all things fresh and new!

So, on to that sale – all fine art canvas is 20% for the months of January and February.  These are hugely popular (and if you have seen one you know why!) and session space is limited so contact me soon if you want to get in soon (January has 3 remaining sessions spots, and February has 5 dates remaining).  Below is one of my personal canvases, love them!

Something else I am working on is getting the Season Moore Photography Facebook page up and running – add me as a friend and I will try to upload some of your photos for you to share with Facebook!

I am officially back in the office next week – I look forward to a whole new year together!

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