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Where oh where have I been?!  This time of year is just true crunch time for photographers – order have to get in and out in record speed so people can mail their holiday cards.  Most days are 12 hours work days and in the end, I am tiiiiired and I miss my family!  But we’re getting close to wrapping up here, just a few projects left to go this week and hopefully soon I will get to slow down and focus on this amazing season and the people that mean the very most to me.  My office will close on December 19th and will not reopen until January 5th.  There are very limited openings in January so if you are hoping to get an early 2009 session please contact me asap!

Now, for the giveaways – I did promise a massage, right?  How could I hold out on you??  The random number generator gave me number 36 which happens to be…

Amy Amos!

Woohoo Amy, go get some holiday stress relief on me!  Email me your current address and you will receive your gift certificate to White Dahlia.  I know you will love it, and boy could I stand to join you right about now!

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