Sneak Peek | Newborn on a warm autumn day

One of the best parts about North Carolina is the warm air that creeps in any time of year.  Mom and I were so thrilled that we got a toasty day right in the peek of the fall colors so we snuck out for a few shots.  He was older than most of my newborns at a lofty 3.5 weeks old but as mom will tell you – those few weeks make a big difference one how the session plays out.  He did not want to sleep, but wasn’t fussy – he just wanted to hang out!   But in the end he could resist no longer and passed out, just as the sun was starting to get low in the sky.  Couldn’t have worked out any better!

And this isn’t a fall shot but I was so amazed to see a newborn find his thumb!  Mom said he had done this on his ultrasounds as well.  Amazing!


  1. The pictures are amazing!! The fall colors and leaves in the background add so much! Love every single one of them!!

  2. Those are the most precious pictures!!!!What a beautiful little boy you both made!!Our bavorite is the one on the chair. Hope we get to see you soon in N.C.

  3. Congratulations! He’s absolutely perfect and the photos are wonderful…what terrific memories they will inspire as he grows!

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