Sneak Peek!

Oh this family is so sweet, and the three kiddos are at such different stages.  The oldest is just full of energy and easy to shoot – she loves to primp and pose and is tons of fun.  The middle boy tries SO hard to sit nice for the camera, so much so that it was hard to grab an UNposed shot of him.  And the youngest, well, he wanted to be my friend, play ball and dig but he did NOT want a single thing to do with that big camera thing I was holding!  It was a fun morning and I laughed through most of it, and in the end, we got the job done!


  1. They are so cute and I love how you nailed them in your description. When I looked at the images, I could hear your words and found myself nodding, LOL! I think I like the second set better but it’s a tough choice!

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