Seven things you may not know about me

A little game is flying around photographer’s blogs and I was tagged by Corey a few days ago.  I have done one of these before and I have no memory of what I wrote so I am going to try to think of things that are a little different.  We’ll see, I’m not all that interesting!

The rules:
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write 7 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post.
4. Pass on the tag.

1. Gosh, this is hard!  Ok, I was born and raised in Atlanta (Smyrna, actually) and moved to Raleigh on January, 1 1998.

2.  I met my husband about 3 weeks after I graduated high school…he hired me 🙂  We sold cameras together.

3.  I play no musical instruments but love music and a long (long) time ago performed in plays and sang in a choir.

4.  I was there when the Olympic bombing happened in Atlanta in 96. A group of girlfriends and I were walking down the hill towards the stage to hear the band when the bomb went off to our right.  We thought a speaker had blown and stood their dumbfounded until police ran at us screaming for us to leave.  And we did.  And then we panicked!

5. The older I get the more picky I get about cleaning and organizing.  Which is a bit unfortunate since life as a full time Mom and full time business owner doesn’t really leave much time for cleaning OR organizing!  If the house is a mess I have trouble focusing  on my work or getting anything done.  I am also really into having things smell clean and nice, and I am doing laundry constantly – I find it a little therapeutic!

6. I have had my fair share of medical issues and several very yucky surgeries including a 2 liter tumor removed from my abdomen while I was pregnant with my daughter.  I’m hoping I have gotten all of my life’s surgeries out of the way!

7. Hmmm, how about my little addictions (although I rarely let myself indulge in them!): Caribou Coffee Coolers, the only cold coffee I have ever liked but it will cure a headache for me anytime. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory‘s cheese cake or apple pie candied apple.  Oh. Yum. Coldstone Creamery‘s Pecans and Cream Passion which they had the nerve to discontinue from their menu but I have them make for me anyway. And crème brûlée.  I can barely make it through dinner somewhere if I know crème brûlée is waiting for me.  And I found them in the freezer section at Target a few years ago and I have to say, they aren’t bad!  Oh and I really, truly do NOT like Starbucks.  I know!  I think their coffee is bitter.  Blasphemy!

Ok, seven photographers to pass it onto – I am hitting my Google Reader for inspiration.  Sorry if you have already been tagged girls…  Tobi, Kimberly, Carrie, Ritz, Dawn, Erica, and Lisa – not a photographer but an artist!

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