Fishing for Fun!

I am back in town and getting set back up – literally as we packed my entire office for the trip to Atlanta.  Although I was working all week somehow I am much less productive when I am out of my environment so I still have tons to catch up on.  I am about half way through the emails now!

When I returned I found the newest issue of Premier Baby Magazine at my door and it looks fab!   You can see my images throughout, a few articles and ads and also a spread on a killer birthday I photographed early this year.  It was themed “Fishing For Fun” and was over the top adorable.   I have included a few of the photos  from the article and you can of course see them all in the magazine (available at local boutiques and doctor offices and I will have them with me at sessions).  Also, if your child is in my ad and you would like a copy, let me know!

The invitation was adorable:

Cookies and cupcakes:

The goodie boxes (aka tackle boxes!)


  1. great images! I bet mom will be glad to have them after all of the work that she obviously put into that party, what a lucky little birthday boy!

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