Understanding Sets and Backgrounds

Many of the smashes you see on this site were created with custom printed backdrops. The backgrounds are built in a studio with a professional set designers and photographed using lighting that matches my own. The end result is a very realistic background, less distractions for your baby and offers more variety with props and decor than I can possibly have on hand.

Pros: Gorgeous sets that are much more intricate than I can create, and your baby isn’t tempted to knock over the props minutes into the session. Cons: They are handmade so they do take weeks to come in, they are quite expensive and storage space in my studio is limited. I have over 100 drops at this time, each that can be styled differently. If you don’t see what you have in mind, let me know; a custom backdrop is available with the Deluxe Session. I would also love to hear what you wish we offered so I know what to add to my collection!

Sets are baby sized (usually 5ft x 7ft) and scaled down to photograph little people well. Larger props don’t work well when photographing small sized people because the scale is off. (If the items around the baby are large then the baby will be quite small in photos). The standard set is too small for proper family portraits as well – we can grab a few hugged together shots with mom and dad but adding siblings really won’t work. We recommend only bringing two adults into the studio for these sessions and no siblings if possible.

This image shows a behind the scenes using a printed backdrop. Sometimes I will add props in front, (sometimes not) depending on the look. You can add to these sets, we can bring in a color/accent, add ice cream cones to a donut set for example, but we can’t take away from what you see. They are pretty incredible and I love using them when possible.

Click to view a gallery of all available backdrops.

Other sets use a hand painted backdrop without props, or solid paper rolls and we add props in front. Or not; simple sets using a watercolor background with balloons/props can be precious.

Click here to view a gallery of all available backdrops. These are shown in sample images from the artist, without additional props or studio lighting. If you don’t see what you are picturing, let me know – I bet we can find it!