Friends and Family

I love my friends! And let’s face it, we all know I would rather be hanging out with you than working any day of the week.

That said, I’m still working towards “independently wealthy” so I can do this job in exchange for wine but alas … as of right now I still have taxes to pay. Lots and lots of taxes.

So, the not-so-fun-part of business. While I do want to offer you a discount on my products, time and work I do have to have some guidelines in place. And with this you can know that even though we are friends you are still receiving the same level of attention that my full price clients receive from beginning to end.

  • Scheduling – My f&f sessions will take place on weekdays. Weekends tend to book well in advance so they need to be reserved for full paying clients. Mornings are preferred, evenings can be accommodated on certain dates when the afternoon child runs are covered by a (rarely) in town spouse. I update my website with available dates here.
  • January – September – Let’s do this thing! My schedule often books up a few weeks in advance so be in touch well before you need your session to set up a date. I only know how to do this job one way – and that is with the best possible experience I can offer. That means it won’t be 15 minutes in your backyard to grab a few shots, it will be a full session at a location we choose. The ordering process, products, etc will be the same as it is for my full paying clients. I will wave your session fee and offer a 30% discount on your order. To receive this discount you will use the coupon code “friends” at check out.
  • October – December (aka busy season, or busy Season) – I often book completely and have to turn away full paying clients. It is my most profitable time of year as well (and keeps me afloat through the slower months) and also my most mind numbingly busy time of year. I do my best to keep my head above water and keep my work flow flowing so that I can keep providing timely service while still seeing my kids for at least a short while every day. During the busy months I will still offer 20% off of your order because I love ya – I know this is not as great and I would still love to see you (and you know I will throw in some goodies with your order!) but I can not afford to further discount my work during that hectic time of year. Use code “friendsholidayseason”
  • Traditional and digital sessions are available, details are available on this page: Session Pricing

I do ask that you not share this information with others. You might be surprised just how popular you become when people want a discount! I look forward to seeing you and your family!

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