Portrait Planning Worksheet

You will receive a copy of the Wall Gallery Design Book after your session to start the ball rolling on your design needs.

Displaying your family’s portraits on the walls of your home is a wonderful way to show your guests what matters most to you! The images captured during your session are meant to become cherished pieces of art and we encourage you to think of them as pieces of decor. Please visit our Wall Galleries page to view various arrangements in addition to those in the book you received. These arrangements are a starting point – each wall gallery is custom designed to fit the images you’ve chosen and the space you’re working with.

The below worksheet is designed to help you organize your portrait needs. Once you complete the form, click “Submit” and you will be sent a copy of the form to the email address you enter. When your portraits are ready to order, you can refer to this worksheet to assist in your order creation. We will also be sent a copy of the worksheet and if you’ve listed locations and measurements for where you’d like to hang wall portraits, we will make suggestions based on the information you’ve provided.
Possible areas to hang portraits include:

  1. Above a couch
  2. Above a headboard
  3. Lining a hallway
  4. Resting on a fireplace mantle
  5. Surrounding a media center
  6. Above an entry way side table
  7. Staggered up a staircase

Please list 2-3 locations below and their measurements (optional). By including the measurements, we can make suggestions on the appropriate size wall portrait or display needed for that area. Feel free to send us a photo of the locations you have in mind as well. With a well thought out design plan your portraits can be hanging the day you receive them!

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