Below are some of the public locations around the Triangle where I frequently hold sessions. It’s always best to visit a location before your session to see if it it suits your needs. New locations are always welcome – a good location features various textures and areas of open shade. Search online for local parks and gardens for unique spots. If you know of a local spot you’d like to try let me know and I will check it out! Locations with a * are available for half sessions but additional spots may be available as well.

Jump to Raleigh, Durham, Apex/Cary, Wake Forest or Chapel Hill.


A popular choice this location offers a touch of an urban look with some greenery mixed in. Mornings/Afternoons are best to avoid restaurant traffic.

Very pretty rustic buildings and fences and tall grasses. Quiet alternative to Duke Gardens. Closed Sunday and Monday.


Historic Neighborhood with tree lined sidewalks with close walking distance to Duke’s East Campus. Park on Gloria near the Kings Daughters Inn. Mature oaks, some stone architecture and walking distance other urban/brick areas.

Taking advantage of Duke’s Gothic structures around the student buildings and chapel. Very busy area so expect crowds and plan for early sessions. Parking structure has an hourly fee.

Duke Gardens now requires a $150 fee per session and each photo session must be scheduled in advance by phone or in person with the gardens. Reschedules will result in a loss of your fee with the exception of rain at the session time.



North Raleigh Antique market with something new every time you go. Fun, colorful and a little quirky. Mornings before the shops open is ideal.


Cute retail area with easy access/parking and European style stone with greenery around. Weekends are tricky with events, prefer morning spots to avoid retail traffic.

The Glenwood Ave. entrance has a trail that leads to a large pond, bridge and then a gravel road. Best suited for more casual attire. Requires a bit of walking.

A very cute and colorful antique shopping area, will never look the same from session to session. Best before shopping hours.

A picturesque location including a white picket fence, bricks patios, a gazebo and other great places to shoot. A smaller area with little walking. Parking can be tricky. Saturdays are often booked by weddings.

Lush grass, blooming flower beds and stone walls. On the grounds is a brick home with a large front porch, perfect for sessions.

Unique modern art exterior with natural elements available, some walking necessary. Shoot early or avoid weekends.

Located near the fairgrounds, the white garden contains attractive stone walls and a white gazebo. Avoid during fair time.

The Rose Garden is a fairy tale like setting covered in rose blooms during certain times of the year. There is a ground level pond that is often a temptation for little ones. Very damp and often muddy, better for older kids.

Small park containing several historic homes with large porches.

In the spring WRAL blooms with hundreds of azeleas. Other times of year the gardens are well maintained and contain seasonal blooming flowers and thick sod. Small garden with limited background choices.

A bit out of the way this park offers a gristmill with rustic features.

Rustic buildings, fences and green spaces. South Raleigh location ideal for Knightdale and Garner clients.

Colorful painted structures and trains to ride. Crowds are a big issue – plan to meet early and avoid weekends.


Apex has a cute “downtown” area with covered sidewalks and unique painted door ways as well as a train parked nearby.

Small park near downtown Apex.

If you are looking for a park in Cary with natural beauty, this park is a great location.  It features wooded paths, a pretty lake, trails, and fields.

A nice grass field, large oak trees scattered in the field, and a bridge that goes over a stream.

This park is well suited for fall colors, otherwise you have a very natural dark green/brown pine straw setting and limited background settings. Lake is in full sun which is often difficult for little ones to deal with without squinting so sticking to shady spots or overcast days is ideal. If your child cries to play when they see a playground, this is not the spot for you!

Wake Forest

A large park with empty barns for texture and large pecan trees for shade. Very crowded, plan to meet early.

Best used during the summer months when school is not in session.

Chapel Hill

A cute retail/restaurant area that includes a barn background and some green area. Best on weekday mornings.

Best reserved for those with sentimental reasons! Can be quite crowded – avoid game days or other special events at UNC and weekends.

Urban sessions are available in downtown Raleigh, Durham & Wake Forest.